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Red vs. White Wine: How to Choose?

November 8th, 2021

When comparing the differences of red versus white wine, they can extend beyond the color and taste. The fermentation process, the types of grapes, and health benefits will all vary between these two wine types. If you have ever been curious about how these wines differ, we have a comprehensive list for your reference. Feel free to refer back to this information any time you want to refresh your memory. 




The Differences of Red Wine vs. White Wine 

Thankfully, not all wines are created the same. Many of these differences can be beneficial, depending on which type you choose. For many individuals who are new to wine tasting, these variances may not be so obvious. Take a look at some of the significant distinctions between red vs. white wine:

  • Color 
  • Taste 
  • Fermentation process
  • Wine health benefits 


The most obvious distinction between these two wines is the color. White wine comes from white grapes without the skins, and red wine comes from red or black grapes that include the outer skins. 


Because white wine uses grapes without the skin, the taste is typically sweeter than what you will find from red wines. It will carry a lighter, fruitier flavor. Red wine can be dry or more tart since it has skins during the process. As a result, it will carry a more velvety, richer taste. 



Fermentation Process

The fermentation process with each wine varies as well. This difference further distinguishes the color, taste, and alcohol content. For example, white wine does not include skins or seeds. What’s more, it uses yeast to ferment in a stainless steel barrel. Red wine includes skins and seeds for the fermentation process. This wine type typically uses oak barrels for aging. 

Wine Health Benefits 

Many people will wonder about the health benefits of wine, and these advantages also differ slightly, depending on the type. Enjoying a glass of wine can improve your circulation and even lower your risk for Type 2 diabetes. White wine has fewer calories and alcohol content per glass but slightly more carbohydrates than its counterpart. However, white varieties do contain some healthy compounds that can minimize the chances of some cancers and reduce the risk of heart disease when taken in moderation.  

Alternatively, red wine comes out on top for more health benefits. Red wine offers more antioxidant properties due to the red and black grapes and the skins. In addition, because of this, it will contain tannins, resveratrol, and other rich plant compounds. Some advantages of having a glass of red over white wine include: 

  • Improve HDL (good) cholesterol 
  • Lower LDL (bad) cholesterol 
  • Promote better heart health
  • Minimize chances of blood clots 
  • Decrease chances of gallbladder stones 
  • Lower the risk of some cancers 
  • Decreases chances of osteoporosis 
  • Lower the risk of mental decline with age 

Of course, moderation is essential when consuming red and white wine. While there are some health benefits to this drink, you should not overdo it. Stick to no more than one glass of wine per day for women or two glasses per day for men. 

Which Wine Should You Choose? 

Looking at the many wine types, often, your decision will come down to what meal items you want to pair your wine with. Although many wine connoisseurs believe red wine pairs with red meat while white goes with fish and chicken, that may not always be the case. You want a wine that will complement the food. For example, try to match intense flavors rather than pair a soft white wine with a bold, flavorful steak. Likewise, many red blends will go well with fish or chicken, but they should have more subtle tones instead of sharp, intense flavors. 

In the end, you will want a wine that you can enjoy. Whether you prefer white over red wine, some are happy to experience both types depending on the circumstances. Although there are some additional health benefits to red wine which white may not have, do not feel that you have to drink red varieties when you prefer white wine. When examining red vs. white wine, you will see some differences that will affect the taste and its health benefits. Essentially, it is up to your preference to which wine type you prefer to enjoy. 

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