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Our Process

As restless explorers of California's terroir, we aim to offer a rotation range of sparkling wines produced from grapes sourced across its coastal wine regions.

1. Harvest

Semblance begins with grapes sourced from coastal California vineyards – where grapes like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir thrive due to the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean on growing conditions. Moderately warm days, cool nights, and shale loam soils all contribute to elegant yet complex wines.

2. Press

The winemaking process starts with whole cluster pressing, ideal because it creates a more delicate wine with an extra layer of fruity complexity, and a silky body. We then ferment the grapes using cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks. All said and done, our process is designed to maintain the grape’s natural character and create a base that stands up to the dealcoholization process.

3. Extract

Finally, we gently remove the alcohol from the wine using top of the line spinning cone technology that extracts alcohol without affecting the character of the grape.

The Result

The finished product is truly something special. Semblance is a sparkling Chardonnay with a crisp texture, tropical flavor, and dry, brut-like, profile. Did we mention it contains 0% alcohol?