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Fitting in with Non Alcoholic Wine

 September 17th, 2021

There are specific activities that just beg to be accompanied by a glass of wine. Having one in your hand seems to elevate the flavor profile of life into a leisurely, enjoyable, multi-layered thing that can make your tasks feel more sophisticated and less like items to be ticked off on a to-do list. This is why some parts of my day and their corresponding tasks seemed to simply fall a little flat when I began trying to cut down on my alcohol consumption. There are times of the day that I want to relish in a little more, where I want to slow down and really enjoy all the individual moments and sweetness that can be found even in normal, everyday tasks.

If you’re like us, then you’ve probably noticed and lamented a little at the empty spaces that would feel just a little more elevated with a wine glass in hand. Since we started drinking non-alcoholic wines like Semblance, though, life has gotten a little more luxurious again. The addition of non-alcoholic wine to your liquid repertoire may feel a little strange at first, but trust me, the guilt-free enjoyment is definitely worth it. For those working on making the switch, here are all my favorite ways to drink Semblance.



At Brunch

It may never be too early for wine in, say, Paris or Rome, but if you’re trying to cut back on your alcohol consumption, starting the day off with a non-alcoholic wine is the best compromise that, in my opinion, actually doesn’t feel like a compromise at all. Semblance is the perfect way to add instant class into your weekend brunch with girlfriends. Spring for that tempting-looking pastry or go for something satisfying and savory, and enjoy it alongside a glass of sparkling chardonnay that’s 100% alcohol-free. 

It’s a wonderful way to start the day and really enjoy the moment of laughing and lounging with your dearest friends. Because really, what better combination is there than food, friends, and good wine?

During the Week

Often, we chide ourselves into saving our alcohol consumption for the weekends in fear of how it may impact our daily weekday schedule. The older we get, the more we really notice how the tannins found in traditional wine can bring about headaches and immediate regret, even with moderate consumption.

With Semblance, it’s much easier to allow myself a glass during the week and to truly enjoy it. In the middle of the day or with a weekday dinner, I don’t have to worry and wonder if I’ll wake up with a headache that might prevent me from giving my all to everything the next day holds in store.

While Cooking Dinner

This oh-so mundane task is often automatically relegated to obligation territory for me. While cooking can be fun and act as a creative outlet, many of us rush through it in rote ways simply to have the task over and done with. This is such a shame because creating quality meals can be so restorative and fulfilling. Sometimes, we need a good reason to slow down and enjoy the process of creating a delectable meal, and a glass of wine is often the best reason.




Sparkling wines can be the best to drink while cooking, as they keep the taste buds at attention and wake up the senses to help you create a complex, flavorful dish. Even though she didn’t go the non-alcoholic route, channeling Julia Child in the kitchen is so much easier with a glass of Semblance in my hand. Semblance gives me the best of both worlds when cooking in particular because it offers that crisp, sparkling texture and lovely flavor while remaining light and inoffensive, easy on both my palate and my sense of focus. 

For Celebrations

To cut back on alcohol consumption and be more mindful of my body’s needs, one of the most challenging areas to try to adapt to these intentions is special occasions and celebrations. For many incredible life milestones and special events, alcohol flows freely, and it should! But when you’re in the minority of those who don’t want to partake in the cheers or whatever else, for whatever reason, it can feel ostracizing and attention-grabbing. No one wants to cause a scene, and, even more, no one wants to feel left out.

Semblance is the perfect way to participate in these special occasions while still getting to celebrate the people involved. Reneging on personal goals and decisions comes reasonably easily in the face of peer pressure or feelings of self-deprivation. Having a non-alcoholic wine alternative has helped me stay true to my desire to cut down on my alcohol consumption while not depriving myself or feeling like a party-pooper.

Overall, Semblance has fit into all the little empty spaces left when we decided to cut back on my alcohol consumption. It serves as a lovely, indulgent treat when relaxing with friends and going about daily tasks. And it also keeps you from regretting my night-before glass because it helps me stay headache-free. For anyone trying to cut back the amount of alcohol in their diet, Semblance is a great alternative to traditional wines that have helped me enjoy and elevate all the mundane moments that have the potential to turn into wonderful memories.