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As the weather warms up, many of us are enjoying celebrations with family and friends! From brunch, to baby showers, bridal showers, or simply enjoying a picnic or beach day...there is no limit to enjoying gorgeous weather and even better friends. Keep reading to find out why non-alcoholic wine is the drink of choice for 2022!

#1: Options For Everyone

Many people have chosen to limit the amount of alcohol they are consuming for one reason or another. As a party host, keep your events inclusive by giving options for everyone!

#2: Health Benefits

It's no secret that overconsumption of alcohol can cause health issues, especially to the liver, heart, and digestive system. Drinking non-alcoholic wine is a great alternative to enjoy an event or celebration without the negative impact.

#3: Mocktail Options

One of the best part of drinking non-alcoholic wine is the ability to create "mocktails" by adding in fruits, juices, and garnishes. We have a number of recipes created by our co-founders here.


Every day, about 28 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes. We are on a mission to change this! No designated driver is necessary with non-alcoholic wine. Enjoy as much as you'd like without the worry of driving home unsafely.


The worst part of waking up after a night out is the hangover that follows the next day. Skip the "remedies" and prevent this feeling all together with non-alcoholic wine.

Anyone who has been on a weight loss routine knows that consistency is key. One night of drinking can take you off a diet and/or workout plan. Stay on track this summer with the choice of non-alcohlic wine!

Meet Semblance.

an elegant, 100% alcohol-free alcohol-free sparkling wine to enjoy anytime.

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BONNIE R.  -  2 APR 2022, 12:21

"I tried this at Gramercy Tavern in NYC and immediately ordered bottles to my home in VA. I LOVE it. It is refreshing, light, and scratches my itch for a glass of wine. I’ll be carrying it with me to weddings and events this summer! Thanks for making my sobriety so tasty!"

MICHELLE C.  - 21 MAR 2021, 14:42

"My husband and I tried our first bottle last weekend. We LOVED it! It really tasted like sparkling wine, and it was a great alternative to the reall thing."

JOHN S.  -  15 SEP 2021, 14:42

"We have reordered Semblance because we want it on hand for entertaining on a variety of occasions, including the spontaneous ones. No better way to honor a guest who is not interested in consuming alcohol."